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Gare de Marrakech

Press  Release

Prat Structures Avancées (Toulouse) signature fabric architecture for the new Marrakech Station (le Gare de Marrakech).

The new Marrakech rail station, designed by Youssef Méléhi (Rabat), is already regarded for the beauty of its architecture. The fine construction of fabric architecture protects the large square and the train platforms; this product is a signature of Prat Structures Avancées, Toulouse engineering office, in collaboration with the architect and affiliated enterprise Jet-Alu et Ametema (Rabat).

In the shape of an impluvium, the octagonal covers measure 15mx15m and are raised 12m high. The resilient and elastic MagicSpring (system patented by Prat SA) gives the textile membrane Ferrai Précontraint 1202 a remarkable tension, perfect folds and guaranteed to last. The brown covers selected for the low impluvium and the arcs by the architect Méléhi are an allegory clearly dedicated to the palm groves of Marrekech.


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architecture textile, toile tendue


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architecture textile, toile tendue

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architecture textile; toile tendue

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